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Why companies love eliminates hours of busy work, improves security posture, and reduces IT workload.

  • Reduce IT workload.
  • improve security posture.
  • Reduce software cost.
  • Streamline audit & compliance.

Automate Account Lifecycle

Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual busy work

Creating, managing and revoking user access to applications & data is critical to productivity and security. Far too often it’s also an overwhelming, manual process that consumes valuable IT admin time and frustrates end users waiting for access to the tools needed to do their job.’s automated provisioning enables you to streamline the process for creating and deleting accounts, as well as manage group membership, roles & licenses across all of your applications. Our innovative access control models allow you to implement the principle of least privilege and avoid over-provisioned users. provides a single place to tidy up and mitigate security risk from orphaned accounts upon employee termination.


Nothing for users to remember, means nothing for attackers to steal

Stolen or compromised passwords are the root cause in over 80% of data breaches. Password policies with complexity and rotation requirements are frustrating for end users, leading them to resort to coping mechanisms that put your data at risk. authenticates users without the use of passwords, dramatically improving your security posture. End users are more productive and enjoy a better experience from a single, consistent way to sign in to every application they use to do their job.’s unique multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security without exceeding the frustration budget of your end users.

Employee self-service

When users can help themselves, it improves their experience and reduces IT workload

Password resets and account recovery requests often represent 30% or more of IT help desk ticket volumes. Help desk staff are overwhelmed and users are frustrated when they can’t access the services they need.'s unique account recovery process is more secure than traditional methods, easier for users, and less work for IT to manage. Our access control models enable end users to request the services they need and facilitates the approval process when that is required. There’s no need to hunt around and figure out who owns and manages an app.


Track everything, find what you need.

Whether it be HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley or required by a customer, responding to identity-related audits requires you to show proof that your policies are implemented effectively. It often takes weeks to manually track down all of the identity & access data necessary to prepare for an audit.

With, everything is tracked and exposed in simple, easy to understand logs so that you can quickly find what you need. When it’s time for an audit, the data can be easily exported in a ready-to-go report, or as a CSV file for further processing. You always have the answers to who has access to what systems, for what reasons, who approved it all and when it happened.

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