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number of users
new employees you expect to add this year (% of total)
% of your users that leave and are replaced in a year


number of apps
(average per user)
number of new apps you add per year
average monthly cost of a SAAS app per user per month

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Wasted Subscriptions


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Calculation Details

Number of users

Growing 10% per year. Turn over 10% per year.

Number of users onboarded per year

25 from growth. 25 from turn over.

Number of users terminated per year25
Number of apps

Currently 6, adding 2 per year.

Total account requests per year

  • 8 for each new hire = 400
  • 8 for each termination = 200
  • 2 new apps × 275 current users = 550

Cost of each provisioning action

15 minutes per request at $44 / hour + 25% burden

Total cost of provisioning today

This is what you are paying to turn on, turn off, and reconfigure accounts.

Savings for using for provisioning reduces effort required to provision by 75%

Wasted subscription fees due to unused accounts

  • 5% of accounts unused = 110 accounts
  • 5% accounts active after termination = 10 accounts
  • Average monthly cost of apps = $8

Total Savings using

This is the amount you could save by using

Cost of

Subscription to Pro plan for $4 per user per month for 262.5 users × 11 months (first month is free)

Return on Investment$11,829.38

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