Passwordless sign in

Eliminiate the #1 cause of data breaches.

  • Stolen passwords are at the heart of more than 80% of data breaches.
  • combines strong device authentication with context-based variable friction to eliminate the need for passwords.
  • With no credentials to steal, makes things hard on attackers and easy for users.


It’s time for something better than passwords

Passwords are frustrating for users and provide weak security.

With nothing to remember and nothing for attackers to steal, customers are confident their data are protected.

How it works

  • We strongly identify each device with a cryptographic key.
  • We build a behavioral model for each person, so we know what normal activity looks like.
  • On trusted devices, doing normal low-risk activity, people have a low-friction experiance.
  • When needed, we verify proof-of-posession and proof-of-presence using a variety of hardware and software.
  • A secure fallback is used when we suspect fraud, or when a device is unavailable.

Trusted devices

Strong device authentication reduces attack surface.

Every login request starts with a strong cryptographic identification of the device being used. Over time, devices build credibility and trust with

Passive factors

Background telemetry builds confidence. calculates a confidence level for each authentication request using passive factors.

  • GPS location
  • IP address
  • user history
  • device fingerprint
  • keystroke cadence
  • mouse movements
  • network timing
  • ...and many more

While not enough to prove your identity, these factors build confidence without introducing friction.

User behavior analytics learns your habits to smooths the way in. studies your behavior and habits, and varies the friction accordingly.

Checking email at your favorite coffee shop?
You'll be signed right in.

Signing in from the other side of the world?
You'll encounter a little more challenge.

Over time, learns your habits including the devices you use, your usual locations and typical working hours.

Two-factor choice

Choose the second factor that works for you

You and your users can choose the multi-factor authentication methods that are right for you, including the mobile app, FIDO U2F compatible security keys such as a Yubikey, SMS messages, X.509 smart cards, TOTP such as Google Authenticator, and more.

Easy Configuration

Enable SSO with a single click

Connect many apps in a single click. While other products require you to follow archane instructions buried in 20-page PDFs, with it’s trivial to get apps connected. We manage all the vagaries of SAML for you.

Get started in five minutes

Stop wasting time managing user accounts today. In just five minutes you'll have your first app connected.

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