About Us

Security for all

All people deserve the tools to protect themselves online.

To make security accessible to all, it must be simple and easy to understand.


Users aren’t stupid.

When people make surprising choices, we seek to understand motivations and constraints, and design systems that meet users where they are.

Real security

We make life hard for attackers. Studying real attacks and real attacker behavior drives our product design. Our products and services must provide robust solutions to real security problems.

Identity is foundational to securing today’s borderless networks.


Our customers, investors, employees, and community are all stakeholders in this venture. We believe we have an obligation to serve each of them.


We strive every day to be a welcoming place for people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, sexes, sexual orientations, gender expressions, ages, abilities, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

We know we aren’t perfect and commit to performing this work every day, in everything we do.

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