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Ipsun Solar automates onboarding with

“Today, when we hire someone we’re confident they’re going to get into the right systems without us having to do anything. The ability to automate that is hugely valuable.”
Joe Marhamati
VP & Co-Founder, Ipsun Solar


  • Executive time lost to manual onboarding
  • New hires waiting for system access
  • No visibility to who had access to what
  • Late & incomplete offboarding


  • Automated onboarding
  • New hires have immediate access
  • Centralized visibility to access
  • Offboarding complete & timely

A fast growing solar company looking to scale

For Joe Marhamati and Herve Billiet, technology is a force multiplier. As co-founders of Ipsun Solar , an expert commercial & residential solar panel installer in the Washington, DC area, their goal is to automate as much repetitive work as possible.

Growth at Ipsun Solar means expanding a diverse team, with business staff working in the office and installers working remotely in the field. Everyone taps into a number of software applications that power everything from configuring solar equipment, to managing sales, and keeping track of finances. Setting up access for new hires was manual and painful. “The process of onboarding new hires in all our systems was time-consuming. It’s easy to forget who should be in what systems and what permissions they should have. You almost need a dedicated person for this administrative work.”

For Joe & Herve, thinking through system access for each onboarding & offboarding event was consuming valuable leadership time. Joe says, “Onboarding is something that you have to make sure is done at the right time. Which is not something to overlook. You might hire somebody 30 days before they start. You don’t necessarily want to onboard them 30 days out. You want to do it 2-3 days before, or a day before they start.” The same has to be done in reverse when someone leaves. Joe says, “A lot of small businesses struggle with offboarding, particularly because a lot of small businesses don’t have an HR person. Offboarding can really be a liability issue.”

Automation reduces administration

Joe & Herve went looking for a solution to streamline and improve the onboarding & offboarding experience. “We looked at a few other solutions and came away thinking they weren’t for us,” says Herve. “They were too complicated to administer and too costly.” Ipsun Solar chose to automate provisioning from cradle to grave. Here’s how it works:

Bringing new people onboard with has “freed up human capital and freed up mental capital,” says Joe. “Today, when we hire someone we’re confident they’re going to get into the right systems without us having to do anything. The ability to automate that is hugely valuable.”

Ipsun Solar was so pleased with what they were able to accomplish that Herve created a 3 minute introduction video highlighting their use of + Trainual = Added Value

Ipsun Solar invests heavily in training their team members using Trainual, a leading online learning management system. Every new hire is assigned a number of courses based upon their role.’s automation ensures that new team members are added to Trainual and assigned a department and role, which triggers the assignment of the correct onboarding training modules. “The fact that you have an integration to drive roles into Trainual means that not only are new people administratively getting into all of our systems, we know that they’re getting trained in the right systems and modules,” says Joe. “That’s huge because it’s not just can you log into the 10 systems? It’s do you know who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Having that automated is hugely valuable, maybe as big, or bigger, than all of the administrative stuff.

About Ipsun Solar

Ipsun Solar, a public benefit corporation , helps customers own their own renewable power source and reduce their energy bills. The company provides expert commercial & residential solar panel installations in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Ipsun Solar believes that solar should be accessible to everyone and their goal is to inspire all Americans to generate their own power from clean and renewable sunshine.

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