With users, you'll save per year.

Why companies ❤️

Easy makes it easy to create app accounts for new users and assign them the correct privileges within each application. It is so easy to use that many customers choose to empower their HR team to manage app creation, eliminating busy work and ticketing for IT teams.


By looking at other users in a similar role, can guess which apps a user should have. With one click you can match a user's apps to a model user. makes it easy to see where the outliers are and to clean them up.

Surprisingly Affordable

Starting at about $2.00 per user per month, account automation costs about ¼ of what other companies charge. It isn't rocket science, it's account automation.

USD, some conditions apply.

Ready to go

New employees have all the access they need on their first day.

  • Match new users against an example user.
  • Enable accounts with a single click.
  • Synchronize with directories & HR tools.
  • Custom workflows with scripting and API access.
"Before it took weeks before our new hires were ready to go, now they are ready in minutes. People are excited to get started with their new jobs, and makes that possible."
XX Director of People
XX · Case Study

Reduce Waste

More than 30% of SaaS licenses are unused.

"We save thousands of dollars each month that we used to spend on software licenses that we just aren't using. By that measure alone, more than pays for itself."
XX · Case Study

Nothing falls through the cracks

When off-boarding an employee, transfer or archive data in one click

"When an employee leaves, we need to make sure that nothing gets missed. We love that we can transfer all the outgoing employee's mail to a manager. Awesome!"

Get started in five minutes

Stop wasting time managing user accounts today. In just five minutes you'll have your first app connected.